About Dugast Tires

Supple rubber and the finest materials and casings make Dugast tubular the tire of choice for the riders of the Pro Tour to recreational riders around the world. From Paris-Roubaix to the Pacific coast, Dugast tubular tires are found on cyclocross, road, track and mountain bikes.

The Dugast Tire Company was started by André Dugast in 1972. He hand-stitched each tubular tire and personally delivered his exceptional product to cyclists.

Today, with a vastly increased annual production, Richard Nieuwhuis maintains the same standards of excellence. Casings are still made of natural elements like cotton or silk. And Nieuwhuis takes pride in still creating Dugast tubular tires by hand. He personally delivers finished tubulars to racers at the most prestigious cycling competitions around the globe.

These Dugast tubulars feature the same quality rubber and hand stitching cyclists have been racing on for decades. Each tire has been designed to have the optimal mix between weight, performance and function.

Thorne Products is the exclusive agent/distributor for Dugast tubular tires here in the United States.

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